MaAnt SL-1 Constant Heating Platform For Glue Removal



MaAnt SL-1 CPU Heating Platform Phone IC CPU Constant Temperature Preheating “Glue Removal” Solder BGA Reball Degumming Station


  • Compatible with chips smaller than 20mm x 18.5mm, suitable for more than 99% of chips on the market.
  • One-button heating, rapid heating, adjustable temperature range of 160-250°C, suitable for the removal of glue and tin from multiple generations of iPhones and Huawei chips.
  • No need for solder wick, residual solder can be easily cleaned using a cotton swab, without damaging the solder pads.
  • Heating without a hot air gun, the temperature is 100 degrees lower than that of a hot air gun, making glue or tin removal safer.
  • Heating without a soldering iron, no need for repeated scraping with a soldering iron, and no damage to the solder pads.
  • Low voltage heating plate, non-traditional high-voltage heating, no leakage of electric static.
  • Curved heating, no need to worry about thermal stress causing chip damage.
  • Full bonding design, no need to worry about chip deformation or damage due to the chip’s bottom lifting.

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