MaAnt P22A Universal Multimeter Probe


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The probe is well-suited for measuring small IC pin LED lights and tiny components. The addition of MO element to the 2.316 stainless steel significantly enhances the probe’s corrosion and wear resistance, resulting in increased hardness.

  1. We have carefully selected a high-quality soft silicone wire that offers excellent flexibility, wear resistance, heat resistance, and strong tensile resistance. It remains flexible even at low temperatures and can handle high overload currents.

  2. The universal multimeter plug is compatible with most multimeters available in the market, making it versatile for various applications.

  3. The handle features an insulated silicone design with anti-slip properties, providing a comfortable grip. It is complemented by soft, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and absorbent cotton, which adds an extra layer of comfort specifically tailored for electronic maintenance.

  4. The wiring is designed with soft plastic injection molding, and the tail is reinforced to prevent breakage, ensuring the durability of the probe.

  5. The probe utilizes a 120-core tinned copper wire, known for its excellent conductivity and easy data access with a simple touch.

Weight 0.85 kg

Brand: MaAnt

Model: P22A

Product: Large extra point

Withstand Voltage: 1000V

Withstand Current: 20A

Probe Length: 23mm

Handle Length: 126mm

Probe Specification: Extra tip gold-plated manganese steel

Wire Material: Silicone wire

Conductor Outside Diameter: 3.6mm

Overall Length: 136cm

Net product weight: 85g

Gross product weight: 99g

Line length: 136cm

Handle length: 125mm

Package size: 155*90*28mm

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