UNI-T UT612 LCR Meter


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  • UT620 series is a handheld LCR digital electric bridge meter with stable performance, safety, reliability and autorange.
  • It is professional to measure inductance, capacitance and resistance.
  • It has the features of low power dissipation, high accuracy and fast speed.
  • It can select the series-parallel measurement mode; measure the quality factor of components, the loss, the phase angle, equivalent resistance and DC resistance.
  • It can provide up to 5 kinds of frequency under the inductance, capacitance and resistance mode to satisfy the actual requirement.
  • Display Count: 20000
    D/Q Display Count: 2000
    D/Q Resolution: 0.001
    Auto Range: √
    Real-Time Display Test Frequency: √
    Measurement Mode: Series/Parallel
    Auto Power Off: √
    Low Battery Indication: ≤6.8V
    Data Hold: √
    Relative Mode: √Analogue Bar Graph: 26
    Deviation Ratio Measurement: √
    Comparsion Function: √
    Calibration Function: √
    Output Impedance: 120Ω
    Auto LCR Smart Check and Measurement: √


Out of stock

– USB Interface: √
– USB Interface/PC Data Records: 60000
– LCD Backlight: √
– Inductance (H): 20uH~2000H ±(0.5%+5)
– Capacitance (F): 200pF~20mF ±(0.5%+5)
– Resistance (Ω): 20Ω~200MΩ ±(0.3%+5)
– Test Frequency (Hz): 100Hz/120Hz/1KHz/10KHz/100KHz
– Operational Voltage: 0.6Vrms
– Test Parameters: L/C/R/DCR/Q/D/θ/ESR


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