ST-1509 Digital Soldering Station

Design with LCD display screen making control visualization.
  • Buttons(1,2,3) for pre-setting or switching frequently used temperature.
  • Auto sleep, auto standby, auto shutdown function to keep soldering work safer and lifespan longer.
  • Temperature lock, temperature calibration, temperature alarm, auto shutdown heating, password…
  • Temperature read out in ℃ and ℉.
  • Compatible with various type of soldering tools.
  • Heating-up very fast with replaceable integrated heater.



♦  Easy Replacement of Heating Element

Putting the handle into the stand slot to pull its integrated heater out, then put the integrate heater in the hole of stand.

♦  Easy Temperature Setting

Under normal work, press “▲” or “▼” button to adjust temperature value. Long pressing can be quickly adjusted. After stop pressing for 3 seconds, data saved.

♦  Save frequently used temperature.

Press “1 or 2 or 3” button to quickly preset temperature value; Long press “1 or 2 or 3” button ( more than 3 seconds ) to store temperature value.

♦  Temperature lock function

♦ ℃/℉ is available and exchangeable.

♦  Temperature calibration. Calibration range -50℃~50℃/-90℉~90℉.

When the real temperature is lower than the display temperature, the compensation takes a negative temperature value. When the real temperature is higher than the display temperature, take a positive temperature value.

♦  Auto-standby function 

Under the STB menu, press “▲” and “▼” to set the standby parameters: Off/On time 10~60 (default 1) minutes. The heater temperature is 150 ℃ under standby status. In standby mode, pick up the soldering tool or press any key to automatically resume normal operation. (Note: If the device is not in a static state, it will affect the device to enter auto sleep.)

♦  Auto-sleep function

Note: The auto sleep function needs to be used when the auto standby function is turned on. When the auto standby function is turned off, the auto sleep function is turned off at the same time. The auto sleep function cannot be turned off when the auto standby function is turned on. Under the OFF menu, press “▲” and “▼” button can be set the heating time 10~60 (default 30) minutes. When the heating state is turned off, pressing any button will automatically resume the normal working mode.

♦  Beep alarm function available 

♦  Upper /lower temperature alarm function

It will alarm if soldering iron temperature higher or lower then the set alarm temperature. The upper and lower temperature rang is ±20 to 80 °C.

♦  Password Protection

The password data can be set from “01” to “999”.

♦  Fault alarm function

Display S-E is a sensor fault; H-E is a heater core fault

Weight 3 kg



     Power consumption                          150W

     Input voltage                                      110VAC/220VAC ±10%  50Hz/60Hz  

     Output voltage                                   24VAC

     Temperature range                           80℃~480℃/176℉~896℉

     Temperature offset range                ±50℃ (±90℉)

   Temperature stability                         ±1℃ at idle temperature

      Tip to ground resistance                  <2Ω

     Tip to ground potential                      <2mV

     Auto-sleep                                               0~60 minutes (Default 1 minutes)

     Auto turn off the heating                     0~60 minutes (Default 30 minutes)

     Temperature accuracy                              ±10℃

Soldering Iron

        1 Unit

      Iron holder

        1 pc


        1 copy

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