SS-5121 66in1 Magnatic suction precision screw driver



Sunshine SS-5121 66-in-1 Multi-function Precision S2 Screwdriver Set for Mobile Phone Repair


  • Sunshine SS-5121 Precision screwdriver set, aerospace science, and technology appearance, strong magnetic storage design, S2 batch head is complete, suitable for home use

  • Exquisite and minimalist, complete specifications, suitable for different maintenance work requirements

  • Aerospace science and technology appearance design, complete S2 batch heads, suitable for home use, new strong magnetic switch design; compressive, waterproof, and moisture-proof, saving storage space

  • Detachable digital cameras/watches/glasses/mobile phones/computers/tablet repair and disassembly and other equipment can be easily done

  • A total of 15 types and 64 precision bits, covering the commonly used models for daily home disassembly all kinds of maintenance and disassembly are available

  • The head of the knife bar has a built-in strong magnet, which is easy to pull out and insert, and the magnetism is transmitted to the bit, which can easily pick up small screws

  • High-quality S2 alloy steel bit, hardness up to 60HRC, precise and durable, double surface chemical treatment with sodium phosphate, anti-rust while ensuring high-precision biting screws of the bit, not easy to damage precision screws

  • Non-slip design, comfortable handle, ergonomic design

  • Free to choose the appropriate length for adjustment

  • It can disassemble screws with poor angles, and can also be connected to an electric screwdriver, which greatly improves work efficiency and makes maintenance more convenient

  • Taking into account the maintenance of most electronic products, it is really easy to carry and use as it is repaired

Weight 0.3 kg
  • With MagneticYes
  • Model NumberSS-5121
  • Pieces Included66in1
  • MaterialS2 Alloy Steel

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