OWON HDS272S Handheld Digital Oscilloscope


  • Oscilloscope + multimeter + waveform generator, multifunction in one
  • Oscilloscope: Dual Channel (2) Bandwidth: 70 Mhz
  • 3.5-inch high-resolution, high-contrast color LCD display, suitable for outdoor use
  • 18650 lithium battery, comprehensive power consumption ≤3W, can work continuously for about 6 hours
  • USB Type-C interface, support power bank, support PC software connection
  • Self-calibration function
  • SCPI supported, facilitate secondary development
  • Includes: USB cable, Set of test leads, Probe, BNC – alligator clips cable, Power adapter, Carrying pouch

The HDS272S is a portable dual-channel oscilloscope that can also be used as a multimeter and a function generator. The meter sports a 3.5″ high-contrast colour display suitable for outdoor use and it runs on a pair of 18650 batteries, good for up to 6 hours of continuous use. You can hook up the meter to a PC host with USB-C to use it with Owon’s desktop software, control it via SCPI or to use it with a power bank.

Signals can be recorded and stored internally, good for up to 8k data points. Waveforms can also be stored as image or CSV, to be exported via USB to a PC host.

Besides being an oscilloscope, it independently acts as a fully featured 20,000 count True-RMS multimeter. It has the capability to measure voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, continuity and diodes. The readings will be displayed comfortably large on the display.

Weight 2 kg
Bandwidth: 70 Mhz


Sample rate 250 MSa/s (single channel)
125 MSa/s (dual channel)
Memory depth 8 kpts (single channel)
4 kpts (dual channel)
Vertical resolution 8 bit
Trigger types Edge
Waveform capture rate 10 000 wfms/s
Rise time ≤5 ns typ.
Vertical scale 10 mV/div – 10 V/div
Horizontal scale 5 ns/div – 1000 s/div
Measuring parameters (vertical) Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, Mean, Amplitude
Measuring parameters (horizontal) Period, Freq


Multimeter mode specifications
Specifications Range Accuracy (smallest range)
DC voltage 0.01 mV – 1000 V ±0.5% + 5
AC voltage 0.01 mV – 750 V ±0.8% + 5
DC current 10 μA – 10 A ±0.8% + 2
AC current 10 μA – 10 A ±1% + 5
Resistance 0.01 Ω – 100 MΩ ±0.8% + 3
Capacitance 1 pF – 2 mF ±3% + 10


Function generator mode specifications
Channels 1
Bandwidth 70 MHz
Amplitude 0.01 Vpp ~ 2.5 Vpp
Sample rate 125 MSa/s
Vertical resolution 14 bits
Waveform length 8 kpts
Frequency resolution 0.1 Hz
Waveform types sine, square, ramp, pulse, sinc, bessely, besselj, stair up, stair down, stair up-down, att alt, amp alt


Other modes Continuity, diode test
Display 20,000 counts (multimeter mode)
3.5″ colour LCD (320 x 240)
Power supply 2x 18650 battery (approx. 6 hours)
Connectivity USB-C
Dimensions 198 x 38 x 96 mm LxWxH
Weight 600 g (without batteries)


Warranty: 1 Year

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