JC U15 UFS Programmer For Android BGA 153/254/2907 Nand Reading And Writing

USB3.0 high-speed transmission

• Common reading speed 180M/S, writing speed 350M/S

• Smart power supply adapts to UFS2.X 3.X 4.X Nands automatically

• Identify Nand and read Nand information automatically

• Support UFS4.0, low-power CPU, ensuring high-speed read and write for a long time

• Support Nand reading, writing, expansion and repair of Android phones or devices

• Support online upgrade, experience the latest technologies and functions in the industry at any time




JCID UFS programmer provides reading, writing, capacity expansion and repair solutions to all series Android mobile phone Nand models such as BGA153, BGA254 and BGA297. Thanks to the design of low-power CPU, the common reading speed can reach as fast as 180M/S and writing speed 350M/S through USB3.0 high-speed transmission. The built-in smart power supply adapts to UFS2.X 3.X 4.X Nands automatically , identify Nand and read Nand information automatically. Its light, exquisite and unique appearance design ensures online as well as offline operation on V1SPro; the imported gold-plated double-ended probe helps increase the lifespan by 300%; besides, it also supports reversed positioning detection and short circuit protection, making Nand repair easier and safer.

List of Packing:

  1. UFS Programmer host x 1

  2. UFS 3-in-1 R&W socket x 1

  3. UFS power cord x 1

  4. USB3.0 data cable x 1

  5. BGA153 stop block x 1

  6. BGA153/254 stop block x 1

  7. BGA297 stop block x 1

Package Details:

1 PC/Box, 60PCS / Carton

Box Dimension: 19*10*5.5cm

Carton Dimension: 58*42*30cm

Model U15
Product Name UFS Programmer
Color JCID Blue
Weight 432g
Dimension 19*10*5.5cm
Applicable Model Android devices

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