• JC C1 Box takes you into Intelligent repair
  • A new era of data analysis!
  • JC smart repair cable C1- so that repair has never been so easier
  • Still worrying about the brushing?
  • Equipped with maintenance BOX, support 6-8P, 6 common models in total
  • You can make a brush test, boot test, super protection, ultimate experience
  • JC C1 Box built-in 6-X battery communication protocol
  • Motherboard maintenance enters into the era of battery-free
  • Long-term operation without restart or shutdown
  • Four high-precision current real-time display
  • Adopt 1.3 inch OLED screen
  • Support dial mode, digital mode one-key switching
  • Functions of the double buttons to switch quickly
  • JC C1 Box support brushing/ boot module  one-key switch
  • Support one-key boot for motherboard Chinese and English switch
  • Support JC ST platform fault detection
  • Current curve real-time acquisition, saving, analysis and comparison
  • Support brushing/ JC ST dual platforms running simultaneously
  • Compatible with IOS/Android devices
  • Support mobile phone / motherboard fast brush test
  • Support mobile phone / motherboard boot current test
  • Production parameters
  • Product Smart repair cable C1
  • Material  Environmental PVC material
  • Color: White
  • Conductor: Tinned oxygen free copper
  • Application:  Apple / Android/  TYPE-C interface
  • Product functions: Charging/  Brushing/  Fault Detection
  • Body length: 105CM
  • Language: English/Chinese
  • Everywhere needed
  • It is necessary of you to prepare more for good products
  • Maintenance essential
  • What if brushing and installing of the motherboard is too troublesome?
  • Prepare a the motherboard  directly into the computer to brush machine
  • Plug a smart repair cable into computer directly to brush
  • Care-free essential
  • Engineering cable, data cable, Android cable, too many types? do not worry
  • Prepare a smart repair cable C1 to plug directly into the phone to charge

3,300.00 3,850.00

JC C1 Repair Cable is an Intelligent Smart Repair Box which supports in total 6 models: iphone 6 up to iPhone 8 plus. JC C1 Repair Cable is an Intelligent Smart Repair Box which supports in total 6 models: iphone 6 up to iPhone 8 plus.

This cable can operate for extensive periods. JC C1 Intelligent smart repair box supports dial mode, digital mode one-key switching, and help you repair the motherboard with no need for a battery.

JC C1 Intelligent Smart Repair Box for iphone 6/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P/8/8P phone/motherboard charging/rooting/fault detect.

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