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Sunshine S-918B Plus UV Curing Vacuum & Filming Machine for Mobile Phone LCD Touch Screen

UV irradiation power sufficient/Strong suction vacuum pump/Multi-functional repair /UV lamination curing
It is suitable for lamination and curing of UV soft film, lamination, and curing of various UV protective films, and also suitable for repair of mobile phone screens, UV glue curing, curved straight screen cover OCA lamination, and anti-wrinkle, liquid crystal curing, etc.
Specially developed for the curved screen, say goodbye to warping troubles, strong suction, fast vacuum, effective shaping protective film, etc., suitable for curved straight screen lamination, anti-wrinkle, anti-scratch, etc.
With the vacuum laminating machine, the adhesion is higher after curing, and the surface feels smoother
One-button start, counting seconds, adjustable curing time, suitable for materials of different thicknesses
UV curing/vacuum UV curing, one-button free choice, convenient and fast
42 large lamp beads run at the same time, large irradiation area, strong light efficiency, and faster curing
With the same 30W power, the light efficiency power can reach 1200 LMM; the latest UV curing machine, after research and development, is now lighter and more functional
Locate the camera notch, and smooth grooves to prevent damage to the camera; suitable for various models
Ready to use without preheating, tum on instantly, the energy reaches the peak value, no need to wait, convenient and fast
In the single-wavelength cold light source, the surface temperature of the illuminated product is low, greatly reducing damage, high UV energy, stable light output, and uniform irradiation
Clamshell design, closed curing, lock the light source, tum on the light source and not start, tum on the light source when it is closed, and the utilization rate is 100%
Working hours can be adjusted arbitrarily, high efficiency
A precise reminder of work end time

Weight 1.5 kg

Brand: Sunshine
Product Name: UV Curing Vacuum And Filming Machine
Model: S-918B Plus
Net Weight: About 1.1kg
Gross Weight: About 1.5kg
Product Size: 270*198*100mm
Working Size: 205*130mm
Package Size: 320*245*145mm
Power Supply: AC110V/220V
Rated Power: 3A
Working Current: 1.5A
Lamp Power: 30W
Luminous Power: 1200LM/W
Light Band: 365+395

Package includes:
1 x Host
1 x Power cable

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