FonekongScope for all cellphone & laptops
FonekongScope is the one of best tools for troubleshooting any cellphone and laptops,including
iPhone, laptop, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, laptops and etc…
2,8 functions in 1
1) Shortkiller :Detect short in seconds
2)High precision current meter (Both digital and analog meters):detect pm(power ic),cpu, ram, nand and many other faults in seconds ,it is really amazing and incredible.
4)BL(Backlight) detector: It can quickly detect any kinds of backlight problem, even schematics unavailable, it will help you quickly detect backlight faults.
5)SPK(Speaker) detector : It can quickly detect speaker or ringer faults for any kind of cellphone.
6)CHG(Charger) detector : It can quickly detect charging fault with opening housing.
7)4G/5G: It can quickly detect PA fault for 4G/5G cellphones
8)Video: we store video instructions inside the machine, so that you can play the video for solutions at anytime.
3,Control panel
To view all functions on the control panel
4,Two analog current meters

1)One is MA meter :  To show small current

2)Another one is Ameter : To show big current

3)The two meters work at the same time
5,Top view
The machine looks professional and the weight is light, very good for technicians, you can carry it easily to anywhere.